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Heidelberg Dymatrix

Tabor City Additions from Atlantic Packaging on Vimeo.
The first shot in this video is of a Heidelberg Dymatrix die cutter.  This machine was impressive (and efficient!).  When I was in another facility in the Dominican Republic earlier this year I saw an older Heidelberg die cutter.  The machine consisted of two large iron slabs that were continuously opening and closing while the operator slid sheets (and his arms) in and out.

Summerville, SC

Atlantic Converting in Summerville, SC from Atlantic Packaging on Vimeo.
 These shots are from Atlantic's Facility just outside of Charleston, SC.

What your seeing here are large paper rolls being slit into very narrow widths.  These thin rolls are used for wire insulation and drywall edging.

I have been using this camera crane from from BC Pro Video and have been really pleased with the results.

Industrial Converting

Atlantic Industrial Converting from Atlantic Packaging on Vimeo.


Material Usage Standards Tracking (M.U.S.T.) from Atlantic Packaging on Vimeo.
Here is a system that Atlantic developed and patented to monitor stretch film application.

San Francisco 1906

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