Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Florblanca Resort

Florblanca Resort, Costa Rica from Florblanca Resort on Vimeo.

I was woken up really early one morning by the howler monkeys. They were right out in front of our villa having a party at about 5am. After following them down to the water, I found this little guy. I don't know what kept scaring him down the hill.

The villas at the resort are completely open so you hear everything. We were taking a nap one day and heard something slam into the roof and race off. It was a big iguana. In the evening it sounds like the ocean is in your bedroom. Katie still insisted on bringing the sleep machine though.

Flying into Tambor

Flying into Tambor Costa Rica - Florblanca Resort from Florblanca Resort on Vimeo.

After we cleared customs in San Jose we got a short bus ride over to a smaller airfield for our next and final flight to Florblanca. You fly due west through some mountains and out over the Nicoya Golf. The best part of the whole trip is spotting the runway. The Tambor "Airport" is basically a small asphalt airstrip right at the edge of the bay.

Florblanca Resort | Horseback Riding

Florblanca Resort - Costa Rica Horseback Riding from Florblanca Resort on Vimeo.

One of my favorite things about our trip to Florblanca was the horseback riding. We went to this farm about 20 minutes outside of the Malpais, Costa Rica. The tides were really high with the full moon so we were literally riding along in the surf and through these rivers before getting to the property. This was a video from one of the highest points. The video doesn't really do it justice.

Florblanca Resort | Canopy Tour

Malpais, Costa Rica Zipline Canopy Tours from Florblanca Resort on Vimeo.

Last week Katie and I went to Florblanca Resort in Costa Rica. As many of you know the the word vacation is temporarily eliminated from ones vocabulary when you have kids. You take "trips" not "vacations". Last time we flew, William threw up on the way to the airport and Ben fell and split his lip open just before take off. This was different. 6 days with no kids!

Here is a video of the Malpais Canopy Tours. The guide was telling me about some guy who dropped his expensive camera in the jungle and paid them to look for it but never found it. Really glad i forgot my camera strap!