Friday, April 09, 2010



Brooke said...

Do you mind to share what type of camera you use? Just curious- LOVE your pictures and the soft color. Do you use photo editing programs or are these straight out of camera?

Pete said...

Hey Brooke,

I started out with the nikon d70 which you can get on ebay used for about 175 bucks. The most important factor in getting a soft background for your images is the lens. A 50mm f/1.8 will give you amazing results and only costs about $90. I use Aperture to manage my photo library and Photoshop CS3 for the more complicated edits. I am not big into editing so most of my images are straight of the camera.

Brooke said...

Hey Pete- Thanks so much for the advice. I currently have the Sony Alpha 350 and use a 50mm/ 1.2. We're about to have our first child and wanted to upgrade and are looking at Nikon's, which we looked at originally when purchasing a DSLR, but they were just shy of releasing some of their entry level DSLR's and we went with Sony but now want to go back to Nikon. Thanks again- I love your work!