Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Getting Ready for Baby!

Over the past few months we have been accumulating all the necessities for William. Thanks to our generous families we are pretty much set and ready for our little one's arrival. I thought I'd give you an overview of what our little condo looks like all babyfied.

Here is my wonderful new diaper bag. I had ordered a pretty expensive one online and when it came I was very diappointed in the quality and functionality. So, we got this one from Lands' End for only 30 dollars! It's called the "Do It All Diaper Bag."

This view shows you the great mouth of the bag. I opens like a doctor's bag, making it easy to find whatever your looking for at the moment. I am just thrilled with the durability and the pretty colors!

William's clothes have filled up half of our closet but that doesn't matter to us, we just like looking at them and imagining him wearing them. The thing on the right is a shoe holder but his onesies and other things fit quite nicely for now.

Here's a close up view of his cute outfits. He has lots of sleepers and plenty of clothes to last him through the 0-3 month phase! Hopefully he won't out grow them too fast!

His little car seat is perfect and has a stroller that it fits into. There's a canopy that you can pull over his head if it's raining or most likely for us snowing!

This bassinet came with our pack & play and it can attach into the playyard if I want to have his bassinet downstairs when we are at the Flygs. Here it is snapped onto the rocker/stand which we'll keep in our room. As you can see it is full of his stuffed animals and many blankets.

Here's the pack & play, it's really great. It not only came with the bassinet but also the little changing station that can be removed.

Our bags are packed and ready, 6 more weeks to go, if not sooner!


Marty said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing all your precious baby stuff! Those little clothes in the closet look adorable, but I think my favorite part is all the lambies in his bed! :)

Ryan said...

You might want to lower that closet rod so Will can get to his clothes.