Sunday, July 23, 2006

Colorado Baby Shower

On Saturday July 22, my sweet friends Jillian, Leslianne, and Barbara gave me a baby shower for William. It was from 10 to 12 so they made lots of yummy brunch food, Monkey Bread and a delicious breakfast casserole were included (my favorites!) There were about 14 ladies and little girls there, just the right size. Pete and I recieved wonderful gifts for Baby Will, now all we need is him!!! Only 7 weeks to go!

My Mom gave William his first copy of "The Wizard of Oz" she wrote the sweetest note on the inside cover and I started to cry! As a little girl I LOVED the Wizard of Oz, for those of you who didn't know about my obsession!

Pete's Mom gave William lots of fun educational toys that will enhance speach and language. Here's a silly ball that makes all kinds of movements and noises. Sorry for the blurred quality!

This is my friend Sara with her new baby daughter Susan who is about 5 weeks old. She is so cute and so content. Sara and Rick her husband have a 4 year old little boy too named David who was in my class last year, he's really cute too!

And the whole crowd, friends from our church and school. It was perfect, thanks girls for doing this for me! I love y'all!!!

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Marty said...

Oh, so fun! :) I am so glad you have such great friends in Colorado.