Thursday, June 08, 2006

Rocky Start

So this morning I woke up to my cell phone's blistering ring at 6:59 and got out of bed to check ebay listings and my email. I went to bed the night before at 4am thinking that man I worked so hard on this "Together for the Gospel" website and it looks great. I nailed it. Well the only email that I recieved this morning was titled "EMERGENCY!" from the client that I am working with to create the website.

It turns out that the site was all screwed up and looked aweful on his end. I ran upstairs to get Andy who "likes troubleshooting" these sorts of things according to him :). 7:01am - Knock, Knock, Knock! "Andy I need your computer. The site is all screwed up on internet explorer" Andy - "....ok" Well, sure enough Andy came down about five minutes after his computer and stayed with me for two hours until the problem was solved. It was a sweet relief to say the very least.

According to Google Analytics the site recieved close to 800 new visits today alone and just under 5000 page views. People from the US, Canada, Europe and yes even Singapore were logging in to look at so Its a good thing Andy and I figured it out. I mean, Its a good thing Andy figured it out.

This afternoon was quite a bit more relaxing. I went to work at 11:00, saw a fox and some prairie dogs on the way, it rained, and then we went climbing, which is my new obsession. It is so much fun! Well enough about selfish me, here are some photos of Andy and Jillian climbing...


t.newb said...

SWEET! Nice photos pete.

The Namtarts said...

We love the climbing pics. But I need more of Katie and little Willy. I miss them already. Kim