Friday, April 14, 2006

Houston... We Have A Penis

Actually the arrow is pointing to his testes but the bottom line is we are having a boy! His name is William.

Here is Will's face. He was kicking a bunch at the beginning of the ultrasound like he knew we were looking at him and then he fell asleep. This picture is of him sleeping.

Monday, April 10, 2006

California with the Smiths

For Spring Break I was able to go visit our close friends Kimber and Jamie Smith, who now have two precious children, Cason 2 and Elisa 6 weeks old! We had the best time together and I learned so much about becoming a mommy from Kimber. Our time was blessed and I will always remember this special trip!

Here is Cason, my second day in San Diego, after waking up from a nap. He was a little confused with who I was but we got close by the end!

The little cutie snuck into one of my bags and found to his great delight... twizzlers, and proceeded to eat most of them.

As you can see he thoroughly enjoyed them!

Monday was Jamie's day off so we took a picnic to the beach and had a the best time watching Cason play in the water and get covered in sand.

Here's Dad (Jamie) watching his litle boy run to the water, I'm sure he'll be surfing very soon.

Cason loves "Coke" that is, any kind of soft drink. Here he's trying with every muscle in his little mouth and face to suck the remaining drop from the can!

Precious Elisa slept the entire time!

Elisa is not too fond of pacifiers yet, but she LOVES to suck on your finger, so here she's giving me a little grin as I gave her my finger.

Again, sucking away, Elisa usually would fall asleep if she sucked long enough. It was such a treat to have her in my arms! I held her every moment I could. One morning I got to bathe her which was so fun, she really loved the water and was quite good. I can't wait to have our little one!

One day Kimber and I tried to do a photo shoot of the kids. These are a few of the results, I think they turned out pretty good! She looks like a natural!

Another pose!

One with Mommy! Aren't they cute!

After Elisa alone Kimber wanted to try and get a picture of the two kids together. As you can see, tears came before any cooperation. Cason really loves playing in the driveway with the car keys and the car, so when Kimber said "No car" until the pictures Cason got a little sad.

But soon he complied, with the help of a video and a snack.

I just think this one is so cute!

Here we are the night before I left, lookin a little rough, but Elisa as cute as can be.

Before I left Cason gave me a goodbye kiss, he's very good at kisses and hugs, and then I was off to the airport! It really was a wonderful trip and I miss each one of them so much already. Thank you Smiths for an uplifting and blessed time!

Tummy Update

Yes, there is a little baby in there.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Wide Open Spaces

Here Bill is tearing it up in the South Bowl.

Me, right before I decided to stop and tip over.

Bill again.

Me again.