Friday, March 31, 2006

The Brothers Orange

Today Bill & I went Skiing with Eric in the back bowls of Keystone.

Click on the picture to see Bills silly grin.

What would skiing be without Blackberry's? On a side note, check out bills mullet. All business in the front and a party in the back.

*** Video ***

Eric with the front-side finale.

I am tired of keeping up with bill.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Can YOU tell?

Katie's tummy is getting bigger. Listen to the baby here!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Beating Hearts

One thing that never gets old is the sound of your unborn baby's heart. I have only heard it twice now and know that I would drive many miles to hear it again. In fact I am tempted to go and steal the little machine from out of the doctors office. The eager rhythm of a developing heart is completely captivating. Lord willing, in 22 years this little noise is going to be as old as me, perhaps with another little noise on the way. Listen

Sunday, March 12, 2006

More of the Same

Well its March and still snowing!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Our House Sitting Home

This winter we have been amazingly blessed to live in one of the most beautiful Colorado homes thanks to the generosity of the Flyg Family, and I thought it would be fun to show everyone back home and all over the world what the house we're living in right now looks like. So we'll start at the very beginning!

Here is a view of the foyer from the stairs looking down. As you can see we were able to put up a couple of my Mom's paintings and some fun pictures from the wedding!

On the wall to the right of the front door Pete has made a massive collage with some of his pictures, it makes it fun to walk in the door. To the far right you can see into the downstairs bathroom and adjacent to that door on the left is the door to the "mud room" where we come in from the garage and where the washer and dryer are. I didn't think photos were necessary! Also there is one bedroom downstairs and a joining bathroom, but the bed wasn't made so I had to forgo that one!
This is the lovely living room, taken upstairs from the balcony. The couches are really comfy and we love to watch movies on the fancy TV. Isn't the fireplace amazing, the previous owners built it all themselves! The living room is left of the foyer.

This little nook, which is straight across from the living room is the dining area, with a beautiful chandelier hanging from the high beamed ceiling.

This is the amazing kitchen that's very open and spacious. It's been so fun to cook and have friends over.

Here is the first bedroom upstairs that I used some of my wedding gifts in! I think that this will be the baby's room next year too! This room and the twin bed room have an adjoing bathroom. It was the perfect amount of space for my Mom, Dad and Wrenn over Christmas.

This is the little sitting area and balcony. I like to read my Bible here. Sorry it's so dark, I wanted to show the outside a little.

This is the second bedroom upstairs and has an African motif, it too has a little balcony off the back!

To get into our room you have to walk down this little hallway and down a few steps. Here is the view walking in, behind me our closets are on either side of the little hallway.

To the left of the entrance in this little sitting area and dresser with Wrenn's beautiful artwork displayed!

This is a view of our comfy bed and my Hope chest at the foot. I sleep on the right and Pete on the left but he trys to make me switch all the time and I just can't!

Here's the bathroom entrance from our room and the stairs that come down into our room! There's no door between the bathroom and bedroom which is pretty cool.

The wonderful bath tub/ jacuzzi and shower in our bathroom, Pete loves to take baths!

And around the corner is the rest of our bathroom, with our way cool sinks that I have trouble leaning into and as you can see the toilet has it's own door which is nice!

Hopefully you enjoyed the tour and getting to see where we live each day, we sure are thankful for this experience!

A Growing Tummy

This is my tummy as of March 1st and I am 13 weeks pregnant. I'm not sure if you can tell that much but hopefully we'll be seeing it pop out even more! We'll be updating the tummy growth each month for all our family and friends that aren't able to watch the excitement. Below is just another picture.