Sunday, January 29, 2006

Snow Sculptures

At the end of January Breckenridge hosted the International Snow Sculpture Championships. Teams from other countries all over the world carved 15 foot blocks of packed snow over the course of 65 hours and came up with some amazing designs. This was one of my favorites.

This little girl was cute and gives you an idea of how big these things were.

Life is just more fun before you learn to read.

This was the winner. The local team from Breckenridge came up with the idea of a puppy looking into a mirror. Pretty neat.

Friday, January 27, 2006

NextSnow @ Keystone

This little guy was amazing.

He did a spread eagle on each jump. I have never seen an 8 year old get 12 feet of air. Pretty cool kid.

Finding the ground...

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Mathison Custom Builders

I cut out of work early today to take some pictures of this guys house. I met him last Wednesday because Erin (timeforcake) is doing a website for him and he needs photographs of all of the homes that he has built in and around Breckenridge and Keystone. His place was pretty nice. Tony the guy who owns the company is pretty incredible as well. He is probably in his 30s and owns his own building company and crane company.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Inspiration for Today

"By sovereign grace in worship, God plants in our hearts a new desire for Him, and He is better than anything. The gospel of His Son is more precious than anything. If God did not have the power to change our hearts from what John Calvin called 'a veritable idol factory' to being hearts that worship Him- if He didn't give us new eyes to see, new ears to hear, new tongues to pray- there would be no worship. The greatest thing in the world is a sovereign God who has power to do in our hearts by the gospel of His Son what we cannot do ourselves. Praise be to God. Be glad. Be very glad, because your gladness is not dependent on you. It is dependent on Him and what He has done and is doing as He calls us to worship Him in all of His glory."

-Joseph "Skip" Ryan


Some Pictures from the Keystone Terrain Park today.


This weekend I took pictures of this guy's portfolio from Denver. Pretty impressive stuff I thought. Check out his work.

This brochure was for a company that specializes in restoring war torn land. They clean up after major natural disasters as well.

Night Club Party Invite.

Album Packaging

Energetics. The cover of the first booklet above.

Mercedes Brochure.

Real Estate Company.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Andrew Peterson - After The Last Tear Falls

After the last tear falls
After the last secret's told
After the last bullet tears through flesh and bone
After the last child starves
And the last girl walks the boulevard
After the last year that's just too hard

There is love
Love, love, love
There is love
Love, love, love
There is love

After the last disgrace
After the last lie to save some face
After the last brutal jab from a poison tongue
After the last dirty politician
After the last meal down at the mission
After the last lonely night in prison

There is love
Love, love, love
There is love
Love, love, love
There is love

And in the end, the end is
Oceans and oceans
Of love and love again
We'll see how the tears that have fallen
Were caught in the palms
Of the Giver of love and the Lover of all
And we'll look back on these tears as old tales

'Cause after the last plan fails
After the last siren wails
After the last young husband sails off to join the war
After the last "this marriage is over"
After the last young girl's innocence is stolen
After the last years of silence that won't let a heart open

There is love
Love, love, love
There is love

And in the end, the end is
Oceans and oceans
Of love and love again
We'll see how the tears that have fallen
Were caught in the palms
Of the Giver of love and the Lover of all
And we'll look back on these tears as old tales

'Cause after the last tear falls
There is love

Listen to it Here (Track 4)

Saturday Sledding

Today we went on a little sledding excursion with our friends, here I am with the girls Leslianne and Jillian!

This was the setting of our fun. If you look closely at the middle left you'll see small dark spots who are actually our friends waiting for us. (Gives a little prespective on how big the hill was!)

Andy, catching air, while his feet are perfectly perpendicular to the ground.

I think Pete had the best time photographing these two nuts (two guys out there that we didn't know). They continually hit bumps that thrashed their bodies like rag dolls, quite entertaining for us!

Tyler flys by using his tongue to stear:)!

And there goes Jilly!

Once again the two guys, "Frick and Frack" (as Leslianne named them) do what they do best.

Cute Jillian is taking a quick break in the snow.

Mr. and Mrs. Petrash with a magnificent view behind them (not that they aren't a magnificent sight themselves!)

And here's the whole crowd afterwards. Me and Leslianne were pretty ready to get some heat on our hands and feet! So of course we all headed to Starbucks to warm up! Another adventure (short and sweet compared to last weekend!)

As you see I (Katie) did the commentary while Pete posted these pictures, just in case anyone was confused.

Friday, January 06, 2006


One of the most liberating feelings is to go fast. I have allways liked this since i was a boy. From bikes on the dirt to boards on the snow it makes no difference. There has allways been a certain obsession for me with "getting air" too. Kind of a funny concept but very simple. We want to be free from the things that consistently restrain us, the most basic of which is gravity so getting air seems like a logical step for the human soul longing for freedom.

Monday, January 02, 2006

A Sweet Gift

The week before Christmas Pete and I had an extra special present given to us. The Bunn family, all five of them; Lee, Pam, Guthrie, Riley, & Macon, came out to Colorado to go skiing. Since they stayed in Breckenridge we were able to see quite a bit of them. What a blessing it was to us! Unfortunately we forgot to take any pictures of our fun. We are so thankful to our gracious God for giving us such a memorable and blessed time with the Bunns.

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I thought I'd share what I have been reading lately and my dear friend Pam Bunn gave me this book as a Christmas gift. Her pastor and good friend from college at UVA wrote it. I haven't finished it yet but have been wonderfully encouraged by the depth and reality of the writing. I recommend it highly! Thank you Pamela! Here are a couple great quotes from the book:

" 'My sin was this, that I looked for pleasure, beauty, and truth, not in Him, but in myself and in other creatures. And that search led me instead to pain, confusion, and error.' " Augustine

" [The gospel] is the beauty of what Christ did when He set aside His beauty and gave it up so that we might have our eyes and hearts quickened by what is truly beautiful."

Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year's Eve

After our 10 mile "jaunt" across a mountain we had a fun filled evening with our friends. Above is Andy & Jillian and Leslianne & Tyler (who are 4 months pregnant). As you can see we had a delicious dinner, we made fajitas together and actually stayed up until midnight! Happy New Year!!!

Cross Country

Today we took the bus over to Breckenridge with Andy and Jillian to do the peaks trail which stretches 10 miles between Peak 8 in Breck all the way to the outskirts of Frisco. Here is my fearless bride bombing throught the woods.

At about the halfway point somebody told us that if we were going to go all the way to Frisco we were going to need head lamps. This freaked Katie out.

The last 3 miles were all down hill. Lots of Crashing as you can imagine.

Here was one of my sit down crashes. Not a bad spot!

I hung Katie's camera on a post along the trail and set it for 10 seconds. We all ran over to where we thought the camera was aiming at. Andy was the last one to join the group and sunk way into the snow off the edge of the trail. We all ducked to his level and took this perfect picture.

This was the best view of the day.